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From the Ground Up: The Heirloom Home

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Project Type: Design + Build Builder: Hartline Renovations Inc.

Draftsman: K. Ruckman Location: Family Farm in far West

Texas Panhandle of Texas.

We've never been so excited to see sticks in the ground at this West Texas Farm!

Add a crazy pandemic to the mix, and we become grateful for any little movement or progress! This project holds an extremely special place in my heart being on my family's farm, and an added bonus, I was able to draft the plans back in the Spring of 2019. It is surreal to see the visions being framed out, and each view in every direction has a significant meaning to me & the homeowners!

The back patio door has a straight shot view of the cattle barn- where many long days have been spent kicking up dust, corralling, feeding, doctoring and caring for the animals that have provided a passion and literally food on our tables. All situated around a lake bottom, that when blessed with rain is the sight to see.

This North-East side of the house also features a large patio perfect for leisure. Either enjoying the sunrise, grilling a family meal or sharing stories, this will be the perfect hangout spot when the family gets together.

Some of my personally favorite views are from the bay window in the master bedroom. In the distance, you can see the home of the founders of the farm, and the pasture and crop fields that make up the second half of the family's legacy. Bright blue skies for miles, dotted with white fluffy clouds and memories & hard work stretched across the horizon.

The west side of the house welcomes another sunset, and a whole new gather space awaits inside! The open spans are strongly supported by manufactured trusses to help withstand the strong West Texas winds!

I look forward to sharing more of this home's story as we progress with the interior rooms and exterior finishes.

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